Monday, 24 April

Well, hello there, Monday. This is going to be a busy week, and I want to hit the ground running, literally and figuratively. Because this year, my Word of the Year is ACTION, and I need to incorporate a lot more of that into my daily routine, both from a physical fitness perspective and from a ‘get sh!t done” perspective. I usually do well on day 1 of my ever-new resolve. It’s the days after that, that always seem to trip me up.

Things I want/need to do today:

  • study driving manual for CDL permit
  • cook butternut squash for soup (to freeze)
  • make dinner
  • brownies
  • dentist appointment
  • clothes-shopping for middle kiddo
  • exercise | meditation | water | meds
  • play with kittens (“socialization”)
  • laundry | vacuum | bathroom tidying
  • weekly meal plan
  • clean out frig
  • brush Simon the Super Dog

So there. I’ll check back later and report on my progress. In a perfect day, I’d do the things on my list and still have time to focus on the trouble spots in my home…which, at the moment, are not really defined because it’s all a bit of a disorganized and cluttered mess. Not to level: hoarders, but still – I have a lot to do.

EDIT for end of day (or close enough):

I made decent progress, but missed the two key items on my list. I delegated a couple, and completed most of the rest. Not bad, really. 

Perhaps more importantly, I made some healthier-than-usual choices today which I’m proud of. Progress feels good! 

Procrastination Frustration

It’s not as if I choose to procrastinate – it just comes naturally. Or something like that. But it makes me a little bit crazy when I can’t get it together, even though nearly every day, I wake up determined that today will be different. A few days, it works out well, but mostly, I get bogged down.

I think I struggle with prioritization and with not having a good awareness of how long a task will take to complete. And yes, perfectionism, because if it’s not worth doing right, it’s not worth doing, right? Apparently that’s not correct, but my brain fights me on this daily.

I’ve been a stay-at-home parent for nearly eighteen years, and yet I still have never successfully planned and carried out a weekly meal plan. Sometimes I do actually PLAN the meals, but inevitably, something goes awry at least a few days each week. And those are the good weeks.

Along the way, I’ve bought planners, subscribed to FlyLady, and read books on getting organized, magical tidying, and decluttering. Currently, I have a bullet journal, which I mostly keep up with. I guess it helps to know what I have yet to do – what I need to migrate to the next day yet again.

This is the year I hope to make significant changes. You know how some people have buckets lists to do before they’re X years old? Well, a couple of goals on mine include planning and preparing an ENTIRE week of meals, establishing and adhering to a cleaning schedule, decluttering (oh, please – this one is important), and maybe even finally having a home I’d be proud to invite my friends over to see.

Please tell me I’m not alone, and that there are others who are still fighting the good fight and trying to get it all together? Is there a tribe for this? Anyone? Anywhere?