In early 2014, I was diagnosed with and began treatment for major depression. The medication I took was slow to bring about the changes I’d hoped for, but eventually the fog began to lift and I was ready to re-engage with life. I had big plans, you see.

I wanted to have a vegetable garden. I wanted to get healthy – eat nutritiously, be active, and lose weight. I wanted to declutter and organize my house, and make it feel more like a home. I wanted to be a better parent to my three kids. And, I wanted to save my failing marriage.

But my husband? Well, he had checked out, except he didn’t tell me. My D-Day was in February 2015, and it crushed me. I’ve cried more tears in the last two years than in all the rest of my 40-something years combined. I’ve experienced PTSD (or, as it’s sometimes called, PISD – post-infidelity stress disorder). The excruciating pain from all of it has been something I never could have imagined.

At just past two years out, I am finally hopeful that I can get back to where I thought I was back at the start of 2015. I am still sad about those “lost” two years, but today is what I have, and so today is what I’ll work with.

Initially, I had planned to maintain one blog, but it seemed to suffer from a bit of an identity crisis, so I’ve decided to keep the infidelity aspect separate (here). I hope that writing will help me as much as it may help others who are working through any of the challenges above. Thank you for joining me; it’s nice to have a bit of company along the way.